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Themes for Buildings and Spaces

Andrew Wasylyk

Andrew Wasylyk (the alias of Scottish writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Mitchell) invites the listener to explore the city through sound. Six selected architectural sites, or, open spaces, have inspired a series of vignettes echoing the materials, everyday use and romanticised memories of a landscape considerably changed through the decades. From the celebrated to the forgotten, the melancholic to the uplifting, the ambient to the hypnotic, Wasylyk’s soundtrack asks the nostalgist in us all to consider an alternative view of his hometown of Dundee.

Download for free here

The tracks and sites will be released for a two week period. Download to your mobile device, don a set of headphones and journey the streets of Dundee, where the buildings and spaces sing.

Runtime: Around 45 minutes, depending on your own pace.

This piece has been devised to complement Dundee City’s Light Nights, Festival of Architecture 2016 Finale, taking place 18-19 November. 


Instructions for downloading
Option 1. To stream:

–  follow link: and stream tracks.

Option 2. To download to mobile device for iTunes:

– Follow link: & click ‘Buy now’.

– Enter ‘£0.00’, then choose ‘download this content for free’ and add Email address etc.

– Follow link in confirmation Email in your Inbox and download to iTunes Library.

Option 3. To download to mobile BandCamp App:

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– ‘Listen now in BandCamp App.’


Image ©Joseph McKenzie Archive reproduced by kind permission.


Whilst taking part please be aware of your surroundings and personal safety.