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2021 Programme:

The Failed Zoom

Camara Taylor
Camara Taylor is currently researching the Underground Space/Ship Research Group (USSRG). Encountering the USSRG on the eve of their dissolution, Taylor was witness to the teleconference raiding that forced their dispersal. They have since sought to articulate the historical and contemporary contexts that formed the USSRG and have been collating materials on the group; attempting to reconstruct a partial picture of their research, actions and working practices. Of particular interest to Taylor is USSRG’s members' fixation on the ‘Yard’ and their disputed relationship to the Clyde Space Action Group (CSAG).

For Wired Women, Taylor presents The Failed Zoom, a quasi-report that includes their own account of the raid, alongside text and images from their research to date.

About the Artist 

Camara Taylor is an artist and _____ who lives and works in Glasgow. They work with their various selves, collaborators and organisations to produce still and moving images, texts and other things // Recent projects depart from rumour, gossip and ambivalent readings of historical matter | they tend towards the excesses of dominant discourse(s) and lower frequencies of objection - - in the context of ____. 

Image Credit: An image of The Yard, courtesy of Friends of the USSRG

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