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The Cloud Walks

Guillaume Brisson-Darveau
In partnership with NOMAS Projects and based on his residency at Hospitalfield Arts, Brisson-Darveau shows documentation of his walks as a cloud merging digital and physical space.
Brisson-Darveau investigates how we mediate our relationship to the environment – physical and virtual – and explores the interface between them. He approaches these questions from a concern with ideas about vulnerability, control and potentiality. His preference for rudimentary, recycled and inexpensive materials, such as cardboard and paper results in constructions that he deliberately exposes to the elements of nature, such as the wind and the rain, to create artwork that is continually deteriorating – becoming something else out of his direct control. What starts as virtual drawings made using a 3D modeling software becomes object in the landscape; the computer software and the construction materials create parameters that generate playful imagery associated with popular culture, children’s toys and video games. Brisson-Darveau imports – into real space – shapes and behaviors that we associate with virtual space. His work creates a bridge between physical urban space and virtual space.

Supported by Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec.


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