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SCAN tour, panel discussion and reception

NEoN Walking Tour / Panel Discussion and Reception

As part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival, The Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN) invites you to join us on a hosted tour of some participating galleries and spaces in Dundee. The walking tour will be followed by a panel discussion including artist Kelly Richardson considering how artists use technology to imagine the future and mark the present in an age of ecological crisis. To round the day off we’ll have refreshments and networking at West Ward Works.

The outline for the day is below. All activities are free for SCAN members with a £10 fee for non-members (you can join here now!). You can book for either the tour, or the panel discussion, or both. Once you’ve signed up we’ll send you more details.


Walking Tour from 2.15pm to 6pm

Meet at 2.15pm at Mary Slessor Gardens, Dundee, calling at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Visual Research Centre at DCA, Generator Projects, and ending at West Ward Works at 6pm.


Panel Discussion: No Future? Our New Future from 6.00pm to 7:30pm

As part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival, artist Kelly Richardson has curated an exhibition to sit alongside her vivid visualisations at Dundee Contemporary Arts. This exhibition, in Centrespace in the VRC, reflects on the idea of the ‘record’ at a time when climate change is breaking all records. This panel discussion will address questions of how artists use digital technology to mark current conditions and evoke uncertain futures – How can we make future climate change seem real to the present? And if we do imagine the future how do we learn to cope with what is has in store? Including artist Kelly Richardson, Dr Mel Woods who puts environmental monitoring digital tools in the hands of citizens, and Dr Julian Manley who specialises in the psychosocial approach to the implications of climate change, chaired by curator and writer Dr Sarah Cook.

Reception at West Ward Works from 7:30-8:30pm



Free to SCAN members and £10 for non-members

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