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Charles Young

Paperholm began in August 2014 as a daily project by artist Charles Young.  One new structure is designed, made, photographed and uploaded to the Paperholm archive each day, gradually accumulating to form a series of islands.  All of the models are made using watercolour paper.  This method allows for rapid construction and exploration of diverse areas of architecture, pushing the possibilities of this single material.  By recording each separate piece of the project digitally online, life and movement is brought to the project with the use of gif animation.

Construction paused on completion of the first island after 365 days of daily additions.

The project continued from November 2015 with the construction of a series of five new islands, through further daily additions, building up to the exhibition of all of the pieces together as a constructed archipelago for the first time at the NEoN Digital Arts festival, Dundee in November 2016.


Having studied Architecture to a postgraduate level at Edinburgh College of Art, Young has worked as an artist since 2014.  His work mixes architectural and scale modelling techniques with animation to create and document imagined structures and landscapes.  Young’s work has been exhibited at several group exhibitions including, most recently, the Unfolding Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Bienalle di Venezia and the Travelling Gallery exhibition Altw: Blush Response.

Join us for the opening on 10th November 6pm

This continuation of the project is supported by New Media Scotland’s Alt-w Fund with investment from Creative Scotland


Opening hours:
Thursday - Saturday 11am - 5pm
Exhibition runs until 26th November