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Merch Mulch/Shining360

Claire Hentschker (USA)

Merch Mulch (2017)
A three-dimensional photogrammetric amalgamation of abandoned shopping malls, digitally reconstructed from youtube videos taken prior to the sites’ destruction. Music by R. Luke Dubois.

Shining360 (2016)
A 30-minute audio-visual experiment derived from the physical space within Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘The Shining.’ Using photogrammetry, 3D spaces from the film are extracted and extruded from the original film stills, and the subsequent fragments are stitched together and viewed along the original camera path in 360 degrees. All video and audio content is derived from the original film.

In partnership with Weave: Creativity, Community, Collaboration by Abertay University

About the Artist Claire Hentschker is a Pittsburgh based artist working with Augmented and Virtual Reality platforms. Her work has been shown at venues including the Carnegie Museum of Art, The Drift’s H30//002 event and the Glasgow School of Art’s Creativity and Cognition Conference.



Free. Open Thurs 8pm - 10pm, Fri to Sat 11am to 5pm and Sun 11am to 4pm