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Dispose( );

Brent Watanabe and Cable Griffith

Exhibition that restages his work Dispose( ); an open world game played on 24 acrylic on canvas paintings, as well as the surrounding wall and floor. It is a Sisyphean survival game, with no imminent danger or challenges. You simply live, wandering and consuming and disposing. Dispose( ); is a collaboration between programmer/artist Brent Watanabe and painter Cable Griffith. This will also include an installation of his work San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam, a modification of GTA V that creates and follows a deer wandering through the fictional state of San Andreas. The deer character is autonomous and will wander and respond to it’s surroundings, interacting with the existing GTA V artificial intelligence.

Join us for the opening on 10th November 8pm


Opening Hours:
Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm (reopens for Finale at 8pm)
Sunday 11am - 4pm