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The Art of Making Trouble

Joseph DeLappe (USA)

Dundee Arts Cafe: Artist and activist, Joseph de Lappe, likes making trouble. From hacking drones to selling despotic dictators on eBay, nothing is off limits, as he uses his over 30 years’ experience in online gaming and sculpture to create installations that react to modern politics and warfare. In his most well-known work, Joseph infiltrated the US Army recruitment game, “America’s Army’ and created to memorials to US soldiers who had lost their lives in the most recent Iraq War.

Recently hired as the Professor of Games and Tactical Media at Abertay University, join us for this talk on Joseph’s past and future work, and a short history of political activism through creativity, art and design.



This event is free and non-bookable. Places are limited so please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Doors open at 5pm