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GEEK GIRLS, the “hidden half” of fan culture

As part of the Dundee Women’s Festival, NEoN is screening GEEK GIRLS, a film by Gina Hara. When filmmaker Gina Hara sets out to explore the hidden half of nerd culture, she struggles through unexpected resistance. Welcome to the world of cute dresses, professional gamers, fake names and death threats. You can view a trailer

Soundwalks for Climate Change

Dundee Climate Fund has accepted NEoN’s proposal for collaboration with Dundee Sound Collective and has moved to public voting. Funding will now be awarded based on a public vote on selected local projects. £375,000 Dundee Climate Fund – Your Vote Decides! Our Proposal Dundee Sound Collective is a group of sound artists working to connect communities

hotel generation open call 

hotel generation is a yearly UK-wide development programme shortlisting 5 young digital artists, each one based in North, Midland, Scotland, London and South West area, through an open call. The programme culminates in a solo exhibition at arebyte Gallery for the winning candidate selected by a panel of esteemed judges in the digital art sector.

International Trans★Feminist Digital Depletion Strike

Wednesday 8 March 2023 ✨ On 8th of March 2023, we call for a Counter Cloud Action Day. On this day, we will try to withhold from using, feeding, or caring for The Big Tech Cloud. The strike calls for a hyperscaledown of extractive digital services, and for an abundance of collective organising. We join

NEoN Digital Reforms

This year has seen many changes at NEoN, and we will have many more next year. We are committed to exploring new ways of working that help us develop and implement new strategies that emphasise collaborative, collective, and communal approaches. As part of our ongoing work on the Counter Cloud Action Plan, introduced us

The Magic Circle

Examining gender-based violence through tabletop roleplay games by Tanya Floaker Most mainstream tabletop role-play games (ttRPGs) have their family tree lead back to the combination of wargaming and fantasy fiction which spawned Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). However, roots can be found further back in a wide range of parlour games and structured group storytelling activities.