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Audience Survey by The White Pube

Earlier in the year NEoN approached The White Pube to engage in a conversation about their critical writings about art. NEoN was also very interested in their experience of being 'critics in residence' at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and  Institute of Contemporary Art, [2020]

The White Pube (TWP) is the collaborative identity of Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad under which they write about art, video games and food. Back in 2015, whilst in their final year of art school, they often found exhibition reviews to be stale and more often than not written by middle-class white men. This prompted them to start writing their own art reviews and actually state how art made them feel (happy, bored, angry, in love). They experimented with writing in a way where they would fall through feelings and write about the art along the way, which was later described as embodied criticism; body-first encounters in the gallery.

NEoN asked TWP to spend some time looking at its activities, its programming and its governance and asked them to comment and let us know how we might all work together to create a fairer and more accessible art world. 

We are now looking for your views: 

The White Pube is inviting people to fill in an anonymous survey about NEoN Digital Arts. Answers will be received by The White Pube only who are currently writing up a report that will advise NEoN on its activities, structure, politics, and engagement going forward. 

There are 5 quick questions, and the anonymous thoughts that come in will be used to shape the report. This form will be live until midnight on October 31st. If you know other people who have experienced NEoN as an audience member, participant, creative, employee or otherwise, please share this form with them if you have a second. 

We really appreciate you taking the time to fill this out: 

Link to form 

If you do not want to use google forms, we can provide as a text file via email. Please let us know via the contact page.