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NEoN 2010

8th-14th November 2010

NEoN Conference was a two day event featuring a cross sector of inspirational speakers from the world of gaming, digital media and technology driven arts.

Venue: Centre of Excellence, University of
Abertay Dundee
Date: 11th-12th November 2010

International App Development Conference & AppJam

This key conference, organised by Dundee College and part-funded by the Interreg ‘Creative City Challenge’ project, brought together the very best in professional app development from around the North Sea Region.

Venue: Discovery Point, Dundee
Date: 8th-10th November 2010

NEoN Exhibitions & Commissions Akinori Oishi

Image: Akinori Oishi drawing on a canvas

Akinori Oishi is a self-confessed ‘drawaholic’ who immerses himself in a landscaped playground where hierarchies have disappeared.

Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Date: 13th November ‘10 – 28th January ‘11

Pictoplasma – A Link to Dundee

Image: NEoN Logo with Pictoplasma characters

For NEoN, Pictoplasma produced a new series of character costumes: hairy, friendly beings full of positive energy. The characters functioned as a communicative entity and link between archaic interaction and social networks.

Venue: The City of Dundee
Date: 8th-14th November 2010

TADO Cityscape

In collaboration with Akinori Oishi, TADO worked on a collaborative commission that changed the landscape of one of Dundee’s main shopping streets.

Venue: Union Street & secret locations!
Date: 8th-14th November 2010

NEoN Salon – Digital Curator 

Sarah Cook & Clive Gillman discussed both the creation and the curation of digital artwork.

NEoN Salon – Digital Narrative

Pernille Spence & Chris Murry discussed the difference and use of narrative across art platforms.

NEoN Salon – A little bit cheeky! (Adults Only)

When discussing drivers of technology one cannot exclude the adult entertainment market. Technology spreads it and its demand for content means the business has adopted technology.


Image: NEoN 2010 brochures

The People vs. George Lucas
Anna Higgs from Quark Films introduced a special screening of The People vs. George Lucas.

Venue: Dundee Contemporary Arts
Date: 11th November 2010

Discovery Exhibition George Barber / The Long Commute, Jaygo Bloom / Arcade

For the first time, in 2010 Discovery Film Festival also occupied DCA’s Galleries, with exciting new works by two of the UK’s most interesting video artists.

Venue: Dundee Contemporary Arts
Date: 16 October – 14 November 2010

NEoN Literary 

Creative writing workshops exploring Character; 2010 theme for NEoN

Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Date: 16th October 2010


Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Date: 5 – 13 November 2010

Film can act as a creative way to trial computer arts technologies before they can be put to use in other industries – we screened some of our favourite films that broke ground in cinematography, technology and ambition.

NEoN Party in the Car Park

Image: A crowd enjoying NEoN Party in the Carpark

NEoN presented an evening of performance, music, installations and digital happenings all under the one venue – a car park – floor 6/7 of an under appreciated multi-story car park.

Venue: Green Market Carpark
Date: 13th November 2010